Machine learning made easy

With no prior knowledge


Football has always been a challenging sport to model. The most famous model is the Dixon-Coles¹ which leverages the Poisson distribution as a prior to model goal scoring. Rating models based on pairwise² comparisons and ranking³ have emerged as an alternative way of making predictions. For instance, the Elo rating⁴…

Using machine learning


Many websites and data providers sell or give free football/soccer predictions. We have not checked every one of them but 99% won’t give you any performance measure.

This article is not about presenting new techniques but about showing what concrete and live machine algorithms have done in terms of performance…

Analytics made easy

It is about finding value


Sports events are random, even the best players or teams can experience bad luck and bad times. This randomness turns betting into estimating probabilities. The prediction of the event issue is a result of this estimation as you will predict the most probable outcome.

Everyone betting against bookmakers thinks that…


A comparative review


When we are interested in betting there is always a time where we deal with probabilities. These probabilities can be derived from a mathematical model using data analysis or we can directly imply them from the bookmaker odds. Today we are conducting a study with the latter.

The dynamics of the odd market

Let’s take a…

We write about machine learning for football prediction and deliver our data through an API.

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